Since halcyon days India has been the center of attraction for the various invaders. From Turks to Persians to British to French to ISIS. The latest in the trend is the western culture. Well, it has been knocking the doors since long but recently it has been able to get through via our “gullible” youth of the country. The Valentine’s day, Christmas celebration, New Year Celebration by our youth and some veterans has been the major breakthrough for the western culture to sneak in and malign the pious culture of ours.

One of the most significant impacts that the western culture invasion has made is the way the people have started dressing especially young ladies in our country.  From draping a cultural saree to the sensuous revealing clothes. Now looking at our society which is primarily a very sensible male dominated one, the western culture has affected really adversely to our society. Young children hanging out with each other during the festivals is ruining our Indian identity and Indian culture.

By now everyone knows what happened during the New Year celebration on the streets of Bengaluru. Delving deep into the root cause that forced the men around to behave like this, I found that most of the women partying around the streets were “half naked”, so to say. Well … this says it all. The women around were not properly dressed (wearing shorts, small tops and body-hugging tanks) so as to prevent such incident. They were all revealing enough to make our men around, have their libido dancing. In that case, every “MAN” needs to satisfy his libido by whatever means. Be it groping a woman or passing lewd remarks or touching them inappropriately or even raping the women and this should not be considered as crime. After all, Men are the stronger sex and it’s God, who has made them so.

In case anyone of you missed out on that super Masculine “event” which took place on the New Year’s Eve, just to let you know, there was a crowd of foolish and “uncultured” ladies that came out on the streets with their friends to celebrate this western festival of New Year. In this process of celebration, they committed the crime of provoking the desires of the real Men around, who appropriately responded as per the situation demanded. None of the ladies was spared, even the lady wearing hijab and burka.

Media and people went to the state administration for asking about the next course of action to be taken, which they appropriately replied that this was business as usual as such incidents keep happening and it’s very normal in our society and women should take care to avoid such incidents. The Karnataka stated home minister Mr. G Parameshwara said that it was unfortunate that the ladies nowadays are getting more and more influenced by the western culture especially the outfits. He also said that women should refrain from provoking the desires of the men and should dress properly as due to a bunch of such ladies the other ladies are also targeted who actually are not so western in their approach when it comes to dressing. Once the men are turned on they need a lady to satisfy their desire irrespective of their caste, creed and religion.

Singing from the same song book as Karnataka minister, Mr. Abu Azmi, a noted politician from SP, also said that this was completely the mistake of the uncultured westernized females. As known for his support to the rapists, he rightly said what he should.

Well, looking at the history of past few years, we have ample example of such incidents where the girls have provoked and invited the men to rape them, just for example, the Nirbhaya episode, the lady was with her boyfriend and was travelling late in the night (again influenced by the western culture). One of the rapists was convicted and later evicted by the “Juvenile” court and as a compensation, the Delhi Govt. led by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal gave him INR 10k and a sewing machine so that he could start his life afresh. And our revered God-man  (Shri Shri … 1008) Assa ram.. oops!! … AsaRam Bapu said that if the lady would have requested them quoting them as “bhaiya”, the incident could have been averted. And many more such incidents are there … rape of the foreign tourists, molestation of the ladies during Valentine’s day etc. etc. All these incidents are happening because we have been greatly influenced by the western culture. This is not right… at all!! We should rather continue our same old tradition of having our women in Ghoonghat or Hijaab or burka or whatever it is, to control the “Manly instincts” and save the innocent Men from all kinds of the trap.

There should be a strict norm for even foreign tourists to behave and dress in an Indian way when they visit India, it should not matter if we lose some of the tourists and the revenue generated because of them. After all, this is the question of the vast old culture of our Great country.

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