In the Fake of the …. Oops !! .. why am I so obsessed with this word … anyways … In the wake of the incidents happening post “demonetization” (… I wonder who the hell invented this word .. eeww!! sounds crappy !!.. specially to us the “mango people” … who have been raking in the moolah with so much of hardships that we can feel the sweat under the belt), it has been announced by the congress party that we(the entire opposition led by Congress) are going to observe 8th Dec as the Black Day to protest against the draconian decision of demonetization.

Black Day … Wow!! great idea ..and mind you..  this should be in addition to all the logjams that we are going to do during the parliamentary sessions … how can we let the govt run the parliament … this is our basic fundamental right, to keep the proceedings and the progress of the country under captivity. We would keep disrupting the proceedings of the parliament and will not let any “Nonsensical” constitutional bill pass through the lower and upper house of this largest democracy. After all this is our basic fundamental right .. to protest against any sane .. beg your pardon .. insane decision of the govt.

We are certainly going to Observe the black day to teach a lesson to this demon of democracy. Doesn’t he know how inconvenient it has been for us since all the “note-ban” episode … just to let you all know … we have lost our separatist stone pelters in the valley … our brethren across the border have lost business worth billions .. just imagine how pathetic situation our separatist brothers are forced to be in, so much so that, they have invited tourists in the valley and have pledged to provide them security…Woohoo!! I am so excited to see them roaming around with the tourists with a kalashnikov in their hands and providing “security” to the tourists … isn’t it amazing!! … just so excited … you say something .. pop!.. you go.

This is cheating Mr. PM … how can you do this .. just a month and an half before you did a surgical strike on our brethren across the border and now THIS ? … I mean why Mr. PM why ?

We are going to take this on … in every possible manner … even if we have to ask our neighbours to vote you out ..ummm!…Mmmm!! forget it  .. you won’t understand.

Going far east, just look at our BODO brothers, what a treacherous condition they have been forced into … No bomb blast since last one month … and not even a single Rajdhani express derailment … don’t you consider them as human beings … this is certainly against their human rights.

And our Comrades!… there has not been any single incident of comrades playing around with their guns and golas … they have been running helter-skelter … just to find a place in the ATM queues. Uff !! … pathetic!!

Our Mumbai ka bhais … they have been in hibernation since then, having a severe cash crunch to fund any of our incoming peace messiah like Kasaab. This is just not fair Mr. PM ..

Apart from all this you know how this move has ill-effected the mental being of few of our great leaders … Our very own Didi rather revered Didi … is so much mentally affected .. that suddenly out of oblivion .. she starts ranting with a book in her hand … “where in Constitution ..? where in constitution ..?” (though in bengali language) .. people can see Monjulika personified… and feel her pain.. why can’t you Mr. PM?

And our Delhi CM .. could not utter a word for two days … not even he could tweet the movie reviews … what the heck!! … Mr. PM you have made the lives miserable for all of us …

We’ll take this upfront Mr. crooked … facist PM we’ll go on streets to stage dharnas and get a huge support of millions of people … just as our Delhi CM and revered Didi had one with millions of people just pouring in support …where our Muffler Man tried to grab the hand of Didi … not once but twice and denied…. (oops! That’s a different story)… we’ll take you on Mr. PM

Hail Black day ! for our Black … errrrr… White money !!


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