Just on the day when whole of India was following Yuvraj’s wedding with Hazel, the Indian forces, buoyant after their successful surgical strikes, assumed they would sneak into and take control of the democratic republic of west bengal. While the Queen of West Bengal was busy doing charity work in the Indian states of Delhi and Bihar, the Indian army thought its their best chance to occupy the most industrialized and a golden egg of south asia. Our sources tell us that the queen’s current best friend, Mr. Khujliwal prepared a 300 page report of the impending attack and carried with him on the stage but the queen disregarded his actions and refused to hold his hands, some say she was scared of getting infectious khujli disease (fabulist disease). After listening to Khujriwal say “emergency” several times and questioning the surgery capabilities, the doctors at mohalla clinics have decided to create an emergency ward to perform surgeries at every nook and corner of delhi. There will be no dearth of surgeries in the capital and their aim is to make it the surgical capital of the world. Meanwhile the queen then moved to Bihar where she was seen furious on nobody coming to receive her. She was politely told by the watchman that all the airport staff and ministers have been in the bank queue and were unable to come to the airport. At her second charitable event in as many days, the state ministers were seen moving around the queen with folded hands, being wary of what she did to Khujliwal on stage nobody was seen shaking hands with her. At this point she was also heard of using the noble words from bhadra bhasha reserved for only a few lucky ones and on this occasion, our correspondent thinks, the chief minister was the chosen one. All through out her tours, the queen’s demeanor had been impeccable and people were seen smitten by her simplicity and charm. News coming in tells us that the queen plans to cast her charm offensive on the president of the most powerful nation, Mr. Diamond Trump who is already in awe of the charity work done under the queen’s “Sharada” trust.

It is reliably learnt that at this stage the Indian army hatched the plan to annex West Bengal and in a daring attack, the soldiers were seen walking up to the toll plazas and taking control of the toll booths. Thus taking control of the most important installations in the country. What they did not realize was that they were up against the most determined opponent who scared them away with her 30 hours confinement in the secretariat building and the attack was all over before the morning. Our reporter spoke to the Indian army generals and they admitted that by not taking the Bangladesh route they made a strategic error and next time they would camouflage in lungis and to fix the smell, will carry fish in their pockets. The issue was raised by the West Bengal ambassador to India, Mr. Cracko Brien, in the Indian parliament. With a cup of bournvita in his hands, Mr. Cracko spoke passionately about the Indian violation in West Bengal and vowed to continue doing the excellent charitable work being done there. In the meantime, the Indian prime minister, Mr.Mitron, was captured serving food at the Golden temple.

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